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WW1 Medal Groups

WW1/WW2 Family Medal Group, Dunkirk Veteran - Named To Tapsell

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An Uncle and Nephew family medal group, (including a mass of supporting documents), spanning WW1 and WW2. The WW1 medals (Uncle) were awarded to 102789 (later 227506), Gunner Charles Henry Tapsell, who served with the Royal Field Artillery and later with the 4th St. Augustine’s Home Guard, Kent.

The WW2 medals (Nephew) were awarded to 7258900, Private Edward Charles Langley Tapsell, who served with the Royal Army Medical Corps, and after the war entered the nursing profession.

The details of their awards are as follows:-

Charles Henry Tapsell:

1914-15 Star named to 102789, GNR. C. TAPSELL. R.F.A.

British War Medal & Victory Medal named to 102789 GNR. C. TAPSELL. R.A.

Defence Medal unnamed as issued.

This WW1 medals are swing mounted with their original ribbons, and the WW2 Defence Medal is still in its original box of issue and comes with its original ribbon and wax packet along with the Home Secretary Medal Award Slip.

In addition, this group comes with a contemporary medal bar, RFA Pin Badge, Home Guard Lapel Badge and the following supporting documents:

His original Birth Certificate.

His original Confirmation Card.

His original Marriage Certificate.

The original box of issue for the WW1 British War Medal and Victory Medal.

A letter confirming the issue of the 1914-15 Star.

A letter dated 1938 from the Public Works Office, cancelling all leave due to the ‘current emergency’ (Tapsell worked at the local gas works).

Several photographs of him in Home Guard Uniform.

Home Guard Instruction Book.

Home Guard Identity Card noting the unit that he served with.

Home Guard Defence Medal box of issue, noting his address as being 13 Cambridge Grove in Hove, Sussex.

A letter noting the issue of the Defence Medal stating that the award won’t be available for ‘a year or two’.

His Death Certificate.

Edward Charles Langley Tapsell:

1939-45 Star unnamed as issued.

Defence Medal unnamed as issued.

British War Medal unnamed as issued.

Dunkirk Veterans Medal unnamed as issued.

The WW2 medals are swing mounted, with their original ribbons and come with the original WW2 Medal Box and Army Council Medal Award Slip clearly noting the 3 awards. The Dunkirk medal is pin mounted.

In addition, this group comes with a matching set of contemporary miniature medals and the following supporting documents:

His Baptism Card.

‘Field Service Cards’ that state he ‘is safe’ which are dated May 1940.

Discharge Certificate.

Note from the Ministry Of Pensions stating he has been disabled in service and that he has been issued a King’s Badge for members of the armed services.

A number of letters to and from him from a lady who would later become his wife.

Army Temperance Association Membership Card.

A letter from the nursing council stating he has been enrolled as a nurse (post war).


In regards to Charles Henry, he was born in 1877 and lived and worked in and around Sussex and Kent. His entire family history has been mapped out on Ancestry and can be viewed by clicking on here, as such, I’ll not described his life in too great a detail.

I have been unable to locate his service records, so I’m not clear when he joined up or which particular unit he served with in the RFA, but his Medal Index Card which can be viewed by clicking on here, indicates that he entered France on 26/8/1918.

His Ancestry details confirm that he lived and worked (as a Gas Worker) in the south of England in Kent and Sussex, he married but appears not to have children, and passed away in 1954.

In regards to his Nephew, Edward Charles Langley Tapsell, his life has also been fully mapped out on Ancestry and can be viewed by clicking on here. He also lived in Kent, his Father died when he was 7, I’m not clear when he joined the services, but it must have been pre-war, he will have been a regular.

Given the presence of the Dunkirk Medal, I have concluded that he was with the BEF in 1940, he was only awarded the 1939-45 Campaign Star so he will have remained in the UK for the majority of the war afterwards, but his affects also include a number of ‘Field Service Cards’ posted to family etc, that state he ‘is safe’ and are dated May 1940.

It appears that he was either injured, or had I’ll health and was hospitalised towards the end of the war and later discharged as confirmed by the issuing of the King’s Badge. He later married and had a post war career as a nurse, he passed away in 1985 - he too appears not to have had any children.

Given the amount of supporting paperwork this is a fascinating collection of WW2 memorabilia and Tapsell family history.

Price £495 - please read the terms and conditions below.


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