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WW2 Medal Groups

Divers Naval group to Crate with Original docs etc lived Falmouth

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Frederick William Crate,

1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Burma Star bar Pacific, 1939-45 War Medal, Box of Issue and Casualty Slip for Medals, Book Falmouth Tribute Fund Record 1939-45, Presentation Silver?? Tankard (1939-45 FALMOUTH TOKEN OF APPRECIATION), 3 Original Certificates, Certificate of Service, History Sheet and Trade Certificate for Royal Naval Diver, Engine Room Artificer's History Sheet.

Born 1911 in Hong Kong.
1933 joins the Royal Navy as acting ERA4.
1934 to Gosport Submarine Depot.
1935 to submarine Shark.
1937 with Shark in Malta.
1938 to St Angelo then to Royal Oak.
1939 to Adventurer, on board when she sets off a magnetic mine.
1940 Qualifies as a Diver promoted to ERA2.
1941 to Trinidad.
1942 involved in heavy action against the Z26 however Trinidad fires a torpedo to sink the Z26 but its gyroscope fails and it returns and hits the Trinidad on its port side. She is later docked at Murmansk for repairs. Setting sail for the USA and is attacked by enemy aircraft, damaged beyond repair the order to abandon ship was given. He is appointed CERA and appointed Artificer Diver 1.
1943 to Unicorn serving in the Eastern Fleet.
1944 delivers aircraft to RNAS Cochin in India then on to Ceylon. Latterly serving in the Pacific Fleet.
1945 invasion of Okinawa, promoted to temporary sub-lieutenant. Posted to Golden Hind.
1946 discharged physically unfit.
1948 dies at Falmouth.

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    Ian Laidler
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