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Newfoundland Volunteer War Service Medal

World War II.
Further relevant historical context can be found at the foot of this entry.
The Newfoundland Volunteer War Service Medal was instituted in November 1981 (by the Volunteer War Service Medal Regulations, 1981, Newfoundland Regulation 204/81 - and further amended by the Volunteer War Service Medal Act, 1993) and was created to honour those from Newfoundland and Labrador who served in British Forces outside of the province or any other unit or organization prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council..
It was issued to those who did not receive a volunteer war service medal from another country and who had volunteered and served in units or organisations contributed by the Dominion of Newfoundland to the allied war effort.
The period of qualifying service was from 3 September 1939 through 2 September 1945.
As a consequence of this, only approximately 7500 medals were awarded, making it one of the rarest World War II medals.
The medal is circular, 37mm in diameter and was struck in bronze. The obverse of this medal depicts the Crown of King George VI surmounted by a Newfoundland stag caribou, baying, is centred over the Royal Cypher ‘G.R.VI’. along with the inscription; ‘NEWFOUNDLAND VOLUNTEER SERVICE MEDAL 1939-45’, around the edge.
The reverse depicts Britannia standing with a spear in her right hand and the sun's rays behind her. Two lions encircle each side with their heads towards the bottom.
The ribbon suspender is of the plain, straight and non-swivelling style riveted to the medal.
The medal was issued un-named but was numbered.
The ribbon is 32mm wide and is deep claret in colour with narrow red, white and blue strips along either edge.
None were authorised for this medal.
Further relevant historical context can be found at the foot of this entry.
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Newfoundland Volunteer War Service Medal
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Further Historical Context
This section contains information on:-
- Newfoundland Forces During World War II.
Newfoundland Forces During World War II - When the Second World War began, Newfoundland, as a Dominion governed directly from the UK, declared war a day after the United Kingdom, on September 4, 1939.
However, no Newfoundland infantry units were sent overseas. Instead, it raised two artillery regiments; the 59 Heavy (Newfoundland) Regiment and the 57 (later 166) Newfoundland Field Artillery Regiment. These units saw service in Africa, Italy, and Europe.
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